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A Leisurely Holiday at Roquetas De Mar

Costa de Almeria or the Gulf of Almeria offers many lovely spots for an indulging holiday. With its long coastline of 217km and over 300 days of sunshine a year, this coastal front is one of the best beachside holiday spots for any holidaymaker who is keen on some consistent sun and leisure.

Almeria is one province of Andalusia that is situated between Granada and Murcia provinces with a variety of holiday resorts such as Adra, Almerimar, Aguadulce, El Toyo, Roquetas de Mar and Vera.

Culture on the sand

Roquetas de Mar is one popular holiday resorts preferred by many Europeans on this Mediterranean coast. It is a quaint holiday town with a great climate and rich culture. The locals are friendly and helpful to put tourists and visitors at ease.

The beaches are clean and wide to accommodate hundreds of holidaymakers even in peak seasons. The scenery is superb with the crystal clear waters on one side and the majestic mountain ranges on the other.

The long 13km beach is pretty with a beach promenade that is lined with lush palm trees. Tourists and the locals enjoy a leisurely walk along the promenade at any time of the day or night with a scenic coast at the front. There are quaint shops which offer interesting local wares while restaurants offer scrumptious local cuisine.

Pubs and bars line the beach from sundown to cater to the thirsty crowd. A variety of music is played with the friendly atmosphere inviting patrons to try out their cold beers, fruit juices and snacks such as tapas.

Many cultural events take place at Roquetas during the festive seasons.

Attractive beaches

Roquetas is very fortunate to have beaches that are well maintained in their cleanliness level; these beaches are well equipped with modern facilities and basic amenities that accord them the Blue Flag award.

Different stretches of beach are named differently with slightly different facilities. The Playa de Cerrillos is 3400m long with a wild environment. This is one of the few unadulterated beaches at Roquetas de Mar that is located in Punta Entinas-Sabinar nature reserve. This spot is especially popular with divers to view the rich and diverse marine life.

Holidaymakers who want a solace and tranquility can find it at Playa de Los Bajos or La Ventilla beach. The wind blows gently to give a refreshing feel; windsurfing is one of the more active water sports here. Playa Serena offers a golf course and a marina which is the largest Aqua-Zoo in Andalusia.

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A Different Type of Holiday Indulgence at Aguadulce

The Almeria Gulf has many lovely spots to offer as holiday choices. This 217 km long coast has scenic landscapes with wide sandy beaches. One of the more indulging holiday spots along Costa de Almeria is Aguadulce which is 10km from the town of Almeria.

Interesting landscape

Aguadulce is a very inviting resort on this stretch of spectacular coastline in Almeria province. A scenic drive is a favorite activity undertaken by the locals and tourists to appreciate the lovely landscapes along the way. The coastal road runs past cliffs and tunnels to give a sense of adventure. Any time is a good time to take this scenic coastal drive as the sun shines more than 300 days a year with cloudless skies.

The temperate climate of 18-19 º C all year long makes it particularly attractive for European tourists to flee winters in their homeland as the Mediterranean waters are warm even in winter.

The scenic coastal drive also passes by other types of landscape such as desert land, plantations, forests, green oases and mountain ranges.

The hot and dry climate offers a delightful subtropical Mediterranean weather that is excellent for getting a lovely tan that spells of a fantastic holiday in the sun.

Beach resort

Aguadulce is renowned as a warm holiday resort at the beach which has modern facilities and amenities. The high cleanliness on the beach with its wide range of facilities has earned it the coveted Blue Flag award. Its soft sandy beach is ideal for holidaymakers to enjoy the sun, the gentle breeze and waves rushing to shore.

The beach at Aguadulce is quite different from other beaches along Costa de Almeria. It has dark sand that stretches 2.5km long with a width of 30 meters with a high water quality and great water sports facilities. Holidaymakers have no problem securing the right water sports facilities for a great time. Disabled facilities are also available which encourage this special group of community to have a fun day in the sun.


The Aguadulce beach offers overnight accommodation at the two hotels which are right at the seaside. These hotels are comfortable with clean rooms and bedding. The view from these hotels is fantastic with sea and mountain views. These are affordable accommodations which are very popular; they should be booked early to secure the desired rooms.

These hotels are nearby to many beach bars and pubs although they offer one or two drinking spots and restaurants for their guests’ convenience. A lot of “Chiringuitos” are available after dusk to allow holidaymakers some refreshing moments with a cold beer, fruit juices and tapas.

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Fresh Offerings from El Toyo Resort

Almeria Gulf or Costa de Almeria has quite a few popular resorts along its coast. This coastline of 217 km long is located in Almeria province at Andalusia’s southeast in between Murcia and Granada.

One of the more scenic resorts along Costa de Almeria is El Toyo. It is a luxury resort with pristine sandy beaches close to another resort, Retamar. These resorts offer excellent beach conditions as the beaches were virgin beaches until recently developments began although not intensively.

New resort

El Toyo is considered a new resort in Costa de Almeria which takes advantage of the virgin beaches around it. It is close to Cabo de Gata Nature Park which is only 13km from Almeria and 6km from the city airport; hence, it is easily accessible making it a more popular resort than others which are further away.

El Toyo resort has been carefully planned in its infrastructure for urbanization; good ecological principles with maximum holiday comforts were incorporated into the planning and were absolute priorities. Hence, the resort is well structured in not only its buildings and roads but also surroundings and landscapes.

This resort is close to the sea with 35 acres of green; beautiful gardens filled with palm trees and regional vegetation abound in its surroundings. The two blend together well into the environment; urbanization and nature.


There is enough to keep the holidaymaker occupied at El Toyo if basking in the sun on the beach is not totally the cup of tea. The resort offers a challenging 18-hole golf course that sports an artificial lake, palm-lined bridge and various challenging terrains for any avid golfer. There are many bicycle trails for rented bikes to ply while the nearby nature park offers trekking and hiking opportunities to check out the varied exotic flora and fauna.

The beach is well done up with a palm-lined promenade for shade while one walks or cycles through. There are well placed benches for visitors to rest and look out to the sea for a relaxing moment. Well crafted wooden look-outs are strategically placed to encourage a vintage view point of the surroundings.

There is also the popular Plaza del Mar near the lake where a lot of restaurants and terrace bars whip up tantalizing local cuisine. Pubs and bars are plentiful to allow holidaymakers a good rest after a fulfilling day on the beach. A vibrant night life at El Toyo draws many young people over especially during the weekends and summer holidays.

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Best Holiday Destinations In Spain

For the British nationals, Spain is among the best destination for holidays as well as getaways. There is so much to experience and enjoy while in Spain. In Spain, there are more than sports bars and resorts. It is a country that is really deep in culture as well as great landscapes that are truly breathtaking. The food is also amazing and so are the wines. The beach areas are also quite popular. History is also deep in the region and there is a lot that you can enjoy while in Spain.

The best accommodation in Spain is villas. If you are looking for time to be able to relax extensively and enjoy some time at the beach, you may want to rent a villa. It is also the best option if you are not alone on holiday. You will be able to enjoy privacy to a great extent as well as enjoy space. You will have your own area where you can retire after a long day of explorations. Villa accommodation is available in many areas but you should make sure that the villa actually exists and is in perfect condition. Be sure too about the facilities available in all regions.

The sunniest region in Spain is Costa de la Luz. There are also the most beautiful and spectacular beaches in the whole of Europe. There are also some dunes in the region that are protected. Villas are very many and large in that area and so are quite easy to find.

In southern Spain, there are beach areas that are quite deserted. These are the perfect places where you can have the perfect getaway. The landscapes are quite hilly while the villages are also quite amazing. The food in this region is also abundant. When you want to enjoy culture, try out Salamanca, Navarre, Galicia, Asturias as well as Cantabria. You can choose to stay in a traditional hotel as well as a cottage.

For sports, southern Spain is the best option. There are some three golf courses as well as tennis centers in the region. There are also some luxury spas for beauty treatments as well as the best trainings on sports that are world class. This covers even the little children.

Something that many people are not aware of is the fact that there are train cabins that are truly luxury. These are able to give tours art various places as well as at some given period of time. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the various regions of Spain.

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Critical Holidaying Tips In Spain

Do you want a holiday that will blow your mind off and keep you wanting for more? If your answer is yes then pack your bags and head straight to Spain. It has all the things that you have ever dreamed of and believe it or not, it is a time that you will not will to end. Spain is a country where you can just relax and have lots and lots of fun. A holiday here can also be very educative and with the proper planning, it will be the most fulfilling thing that you will ever do.

For a great holiday in Spain, there are things that you should be very keen about so as to make sure that the fun is not cut short. Many regions in the world have pick-pockets. It is a rather common thing even in Spain especially in public places when the crowds tend to be dense.

Be extra careful when you are in the areas that have many people. This is something that will only take a few seconds and before you know it, your valuables are gone. Common sense is also something that will help you to evaluate a situation and act as per the setting.

When going to Spain, you should be aware of what means of transport that you want to use. The available means may greatly depend on various factors. One is the region that you are touring. Transportation details are very particular on certain areas. There are those that are very easily serviced by train while in others buses are a more convenient mode. You may also opt for a car hire. When in group, transportation is easier to organize.

The laws of Spain may be little different from what you are accustomed to. You should be very careful and find out all the laws especially those that are about how to act in public. An example in Spain is that smoking in public areas is highly prohibited. During festivals, the traffic may come to a standstill so be warned. Avoid embarrassment by finding out all the rules that govern the area that you are visiting.

Planning your holiday is important. You should pick the kind of holiday that you want especially if you are looking for something that is quite specific. Planning ahead is the best thing that you can do. The different set ups may vary in great ways so be sure of what exactly you want.

Be ready to adjust when you get to Spain and do not expect too much so that you don’t get disappointed if something goes terribly wrong.

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